Month: January 2019

Extracurricular Nonsense | What Do Your Kids Really Need After School?
Parenting Mission

Extracurricular Nonsense

Most of us moms are waiting until the day someone finds us out and hands out the Worst Mom of the Year certificate. We’re each holding onto a different issue filled with guilt. There seem to be all these societal “rules” to follow that none of us can keep up with. And here’s my secret […]

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If You Couldn't Hide Your Pain | Seeing Brokenness Might Heal Us All

If You Couldn’t Hide Your Pain

Years ago, I read The Illumination, a collection of short stories based on the premise of a world in which suddenly everyone’s pain becomes visible light, illuminating from the source of the pain. The light would increase with the pain – the greater the pain the brighter and more beautiful the light. All types of […]

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One Day When I'm Successful | Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

One Day When I’m Successful

A few months ago, I was sitting in a meeting and pulled up Doodle to work on scheduling something. I sighed and mumbled under my breath, “One day when I’m successful I won’t have to be the one to schedule all these meetings.” I didn’t mean much by it other than I find scheduling meetings […]

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